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My Wedding: Here you will find some exclusive preview photos that will entice your desire to get married.

Puerto Rico: Mi "Tierra de borinquen donde he nacido yo, es un jardin bonito de majico fulgor" Part of a song that says "The island of borinquen where I was born it's a beautiful garden of magical splendor" known as "La Isla Del Encanto" it is in my opinion the most beautiful island of the Caribbean. gente that are alegre all or most of the time dancing feasting or just enjoying nature beauty, here is one of the links that is one of the best talking and sharing with us everything from culture to  history. 

Republica Dominica: La Republica Dominicana la Bella Quisquella. Ella con su bellesa te enseñara a poder encotrar una de la isla mas bella del caribe.Visit this link to take a look.

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