No Ears

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Jack Summers is a constructor at a building site. One day on the site there is a massive accident and Jack has both of his ears cut off. Jack goes through a time of deep depression, but thanks to the loving care of his family, he pulls through. After a time of therapy, Jack decides that he'll prove everybody wrong who thought that he was good for nothing.

Jack goes into business, and becomes very successful. He becomes so successful that he decides that he needs an assistant. Jack was always very wary of new comers because of all the trauma he went through, so he decides to interview the applicants very thoroughly. He decides he'll ask them 1 question and that will be the basis of him accepting them.

There are three applicants:

1) A man, very thoroughly qualified. He goes in for the interview and Jack says: "Do you notice anything strange about me?" The man says, "Of course, you've got no ears." Jack gets angry and throws the man out.

2) A women, even more qualified. Jack asks the same question and receives the same answer. She is kicked out.

Before number three goes in he sees Numbers 1 and 2 outside. They say to him that when Jack asks him the question, whatever he says, don't say that he's got no ears.

With this in mind number 3 goes into the office.

Jack says: "So have you noticed anything strange about me?"

Number 3 looks up and says: "Yes, you are wearing contact lenses."

"Why," says Jack, "you're very observant. How did you know that?"

"Well, you couldn't wear glasses without any ears could you!!"